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PiiPoo – accessable centre for art and culture

PiiPoo´s community art and art education gives equal possibilities for everyone to participate in cultural life and in art processes. Activities are adapted for all age groups and groups with a special needs, gives opportunities to explore oneself and the surrounding world and offer equal means to express oneself to the others. Participation and art itself supports the wellbeing of children and young people as well as adults.

  • PiiPoo is a private non-profit organization founded in 2005 and started it’s actual activities and opened its 1000 m2 culture center in 2006 in Lempäälä Ideapark – 15 km from Tampere city center, in Southern Finland.
  • PiiPoo develops inclusive cultural services for all, cultural activities for disabled people and people who need special help in some field in their lives.
  • PiiPoo is co-operating with several municipalities and cities, private and public sectors as well as consumers
  • PiiPoo has several ongoing regional and national developing projects with different target groups. PiiPoo produces services as well in its own cultural centre as in schools, institutions, hospitals, workplaces etc.
  • PiiPoo uses different artforms and methods while producing the activities
  • PiiPoo is a member of The Association
  • of the Finnish Children’s Culture Centres and works actively in the national network of children's cultural centers.

PiiPoo produces

  • Cultural education program for Lempäälä municipality schools and day care and a special program for disabled children.
  • Open house cultural services for children, families and seniors.
  • Inclusive circus and theatre groups and art camps.
  • Art projects in retirement homes, different institutions, youth work and child welfare.
  • Courses and training for professionals.

PiiPoo develops

  • accessible cultural services for all and cultural activities that support the wellbeing of the participants
  • the implementation of cultural human rights
  • genuine participation of citizens through and in arts and culture services
  • art and cultural projects with regional, national and international partners

PiiPoo coordinates regional Pirkanmaa's Taikusydän - culture, health and wellbeing network with the City of Tampere and is a member of the Association of Finnish Children Culture Centres and Finnish Youth Circus Association and it’s national Social Circus steering group.

Staff: 6 employees and 15 freelance artists and art educators working with the groups and in projects.



Managing director
Pilvi Kuitu
+358 400 433 722

Marika Eromäki
+358 440 652 021

How to get to PiiPoo and Ideapark Lempäälä?

Cultural Centre PiiPoo is accessable wheelchair users.